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Post by richmond62 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:35 pm

This would fit right in alongside 'clickText' and 'clickChar'.

There I with a locked scrolling list field and I want to click on the word "glaikit" in line
3, and if I use 'clickText' I get the whole sentence "He's a muckle glaikit gowk",
and if I use 'clickChunk' I get this 'char 24 to 49 of field 1' which is no good either.

Now, if Livecode had 'clickWord' I would be able to get "glaikit" 'just like that'.
I am well aware of this: ... ous003.htm

which does provide some sort of a work-around, but does have this rider:

" if there is any trailing punctuation, this is returned as well"

mind you, there are some of us who are getting a peerie bit tired of
endless work-arounds.

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