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Carousel - initiating a FAST spin using script

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:27 am
by Dougy
Just wondering if it's possible to initiate a FAST spin using script, the same as when you manually use the mouse to swipe over the carousel object?
It needs to accelerate and deccelerate just like the swipe does, and finally finish on an image (not between images).

I have tried used the following code to do this, however the speed of the spinning is way too slow for what I want:

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set the mgProps["autospin"] of group "Carousel" to 3
      send "mgCarouselSpin" to group "Carousel" in 0 millisecs

UPDATE: Added the following line before the "send" command:

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set the mgProps["autospinInc"] of group "Carousel" to 20
This gets the Carousel spinning fast, just the way I want it, however there is no speed-up and slow-down, and it doesn't stop.

Thanks for any help :-)