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Android app connect to Ms Sql Server 2008 through WI-FI

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:31 pm
by pati tamas
Hello to everyone!
I'm looking for your advice here...
i1m developing an app for android, it should connect to ms sql server 2008 express on my own network through my wi-fi router as well...
My question is:
-without ODBC beeing set up, can i just connect simply to the server using the way like
"put revOpenDatabase("ODBC","DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=server_name;DATABASE=database_name;UID=username; PWD=password;Trusted_Connection=No",,,) into connID"
- should i set ODBC for this
My windows apps run on my network can use revOpenDatabase for this. Can it be the same for my android app as well?

Thanks for your help in advance...