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App stops when variable is empty.....

Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 11:23 am
by sphere
Hello, maybe someone has a clue why my app stops.

I'm using the dropbox library and that all works fine.
I read a siple text file from dropbox, put it in a variable and then display it on a field.
If the text file is empty then the variable will be empty and then a standard text will be displayed.

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 if gText is not empty then put gText into Field"showme"
else put"hello" into field"showme"
Now if the text from the textfile is shown, then the app stops working after approx 15 minutes.
But if the "hello" text is shown (so the variable is empty) then the apps keeps working. :shock:

The app. is the only thing that needs to run on these dedicated tablets.

Anyone knows how this can happen?

or a command which prevents from shutting down? I've seen on stackoverflow that there are some commands to do that when using Android-Studio, but also Android can stop a app. when it needs the resources for other apps.
But this is the only app. that needs to be running

thanks for any clearance/solution on this.

edit---this is with the apk created with lc7.03. I'm now testing with lc7.05rc2-----