Set Interruptions to None?

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Set Interruptions to None?

Post by rumplestiltskin » Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:32 pm

In Android 5, there is a method to totally silence one's device; set the Interruptions to "None". The three choices are "All", "Priority", and "None". "All" means let all notifications happen. "Priority" means let only those apps whose setting for priority interruptions has been turned on deliver notifications (and this doesn't work properly yet in Lollipop). "None" means just that: No notifications, not even alarms.

What I'm trying to create is an app that will programmatically set interruptions to "None" until a user-specified time of day arrives, and then set the interruptions back to where they were (either Priority or All). When one manually sets interruptions to "None", one is given the choice of "indefinitely" or a specific set of timers (ie, 45min, 1 hr...up to 8 hours) but none of these seem to be the amount of time I need; hence my desire to create an app that uses a "time of day" setting to restore the setting.

I see a "mobileCancelAllLocalNotifications" command but that looks like it only applies to any notifications I may have scheduled to occur from within my app.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much,

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