How to detect a 'mousemove'

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How to detect a 'mousemove'

Post by Traxgeek » Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:28 pm

Hi, Me again !!

Sorry, can anyone give me a kick as to where to look to find how to 'trap' a 'mousemove' with mobile please ?

I'll try to explain : I find that, in a text input control, a mouse move / finger touch & drag hilites the text that has been covered during the move - which I fully understand BUT I'm (currently) unable to trap the mousemove -ment... In my app a standard touch (mousedown) and drag will hilite the required text but after a mousestilldow I'd like to trap the mousemove event so that I do NOT hilite the text my finger passes over but rather start dragging the hilited text... (or whatever)... I simply can't find a way to trap the 'mousemove' although, of course, in this scenario (mobile) it's really a touch/drag or similar. I only need this for a single finger / touch though, so mousemove seems to be the way to go...

Thanks in advance and apologies for so may questions in one day !

upon further investigation, whilst I haven't been able to remedy my problem, I have some more info on it... Should I simply 'touch and drag' then I create a hilite / shaded area... BUT should I then lift (mouseup) my finger and re-touch it WITHIN the recently created shaded / hilited area then I now receive 'mousemove' events when I drag my finger around - both within the shaded / hilited area and without the shaded / hilited area...
Seems starnge behaviour to me - but maybe there is (as so often is the case when I have it pointed out to me) a very good reason for such behaviour !

Does that make things clearer / enable anyone to end my frustration / start any alarm bell ringing with any of you more experienced gurus ?

Thanks a million, and sorry :oops: I seem to be hogging the questions recently...

Have a spooky Halloween everyone !
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