WebStats for this forum available?

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WebStats for this forum available?

Post by [-hh] » Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:34 am

Whenever I look on 'registered users' online of the main page, there is often a majority of bots. They are always present. And I see views going up on subforums where no guest is browsing but bots are there.

Obviously most people only log in to write a post. Nevertheless, on base of the above, we can
estimate that 60-80% of the "views" of each post are from bots.

Is there a more detailed info (webstats page) for the forum?
Can it for example be visited while one is logged in?
Or is there an admin that has access to such kind of data?
How large is the community?
How many different people (no-bot IPs) are visiting the forum?
What are the vistor percentages grouped by country?
shiftLock happens

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