Pricing: downgrade macOS an alternative?

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Re: Pricing: downgrade macOS an alternative?

Post by ElZitouni » Wed Jun 05, 2024 2:14 am

PaulDaMacMan wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2024 1:59 am
"To sum up, if mobile app store deploy is not a concern for you, and you aren't worried about Native AppleSilicon support (though I've been told it runs well under Rosetta 2 ), then yeah that particular Open -source xTalk interpreter may be an viable option.
Yes, this is exactly my scenario -- I use this as a tool for my research, and I need it to run on MacOS, and even under Rosetta this is fast enough on Apple Silicon, at least for my purposes.

And just to reiterate the point -- LC has legitimate business concerns, but their pricing seems to address one particular type of customer. If you are not making money with LC, not distribute it to others, basically use it as a tool, maybe they should offer an affordable version for just these types of cases; there are so many options that could be used. Using LC as a tool to produce income -- yes, the pricing model is good for those. Using it as a tool for doing stuff locally on your machine only, it is not, and there are alternatives available. So for people starting out, that price is not working at all. As someone learning to code, I'd rather then use Python or if I am very ambitious and motivated SwiftUI, and considering the help you can get for free from ChatGPT ...

My heartfelt thanks to you and your co-workers for trying to keep the Community Version of LC functional.

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