ChatGPT and LiveCode

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Re: ChatGPT and LiveCode

Post by Hutchboy » Thu Feb 08, 2024 2:34 pm


A video series is an interesting idea. So...I asked my GPT buddy what it thought and it gave me the attached outline as a downloadable pdf. I asked it specifically to concentrate on workflow and not on learning LiveCode basics. I can have the GPT expand any or all sections and create scripts for the YouTube videos.

I am interested on any feedback on the attached outline.

I don't have experience creating YouTube videos but there are a few LiveCode YouTube videos that I think are well done that use screen captures. I might take a stab at this if I can create a quality product. Since I have archived all of my chats since I signed up for ChatGPT Plus, I have plenty of original material.

- Mike and my GPT buddy (I need a name..."Robo-Klaus"?)
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Re: ChatGPT and LiveCode

Post by stam » Thu Feb 08, 2024 3:29 pm

Your PDF looks fine, that would be a great starting point.
Video captures are all you need and someone that can speak well on top of the video captures and engage audiences. Not everyone can do this well, and it is a key ingredient. If you feel hesitant about this I'm sure there are those who would volunteer.

The worst YouTube stuff I've seen are videos where someone plays back a video capture (often accelerated) with no VoiceOver at all, silence or sometimes text. These are much less engaging. Goes without saying, even with voiceovers you would need to be handy with video editing. Segments could be 3-5 minutes long, or at most 10 min (I would avoid 45 minute or longer segments as interest will wane).

Not sure if it's worth approaching LiveCode directly to get some support with this, as it would be a great promotional tool for them as well. Worst case scenario, they can only say 'No' if you email support at livecode dot com.

Done well, this is something that can be pushed to social media etc, which would be in LC Ltd's interest, could be post on their blog etc.

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Re: ChatGPT and LiveCode

Post by Hutchboy » Thu Feb 08, 2024 5:31 pm

Thanks for the feedback.

I like the idea of the shorter segments < 10 minutes and I agree VoiceOver is necessary. I think I have a few ways to do this. I'll work on a sample video and see if this is in my wheel house and how much time needs to be invested.

If I miraculously create something half-decent I will probably post it to my website initially to get feedback and only upload to YouTube when it is ready for primetime.


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