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How to get app listed in privacy settings pane

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:13 pm
by Simon Knight

I don't have access to an iOS device but am trying to create a Livecode Builder Library that reads calendar items. To use the library the app using it needs to be granted permission to access the calendar. In theory the app could ask for permission but as yet I am unable to wrap the necessary foreign handler to enable this. I think the other option should be to have the user grant permission.

The problem is that when the person beta testing the library tried to grant permission the application was not listed as an app requesting access to the calendar. The only thing of can think of is that the info.plist file is missing some information.

First please would someone confirm that an iOS app has an info.plist file.

Next does my idea sound plausible? I am proposing that the following two lines be added to the info.plist file:

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<string>This app really wants to read your calendar</string>
based on what Apple publish here : ... guage=objc

I'm well out of my depth so any info will be welcome.