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mobile native input field glitch

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:03 pm
by tetsuo29
So, I'm experimenting with learning how to instantiate native mobile controls. What I'm noticing both with the one I've instantiated and in the project I downloaded from this page, is that the long press on the spacebar of the iOS keyboard to reposition the cursor has a strange glitch that only goes away if you dismiss and bring the keyboard back up.

It's like this, you long press the spacebar and you move your cursor where you would like and then the cursor jumps to the beginning of the text. Dismiss the keyboard and then tap on the input field and the keyboard appears and now positioning the cursor behaves as expected. In fact, when you long press the spacebar the first time (before you've dismissed and then brought up the keyboard again) there is a 50% grey cursor that appears at the far left of the text while you are moving the cursor around. This "ghost" cursor is not present on subsequent long presses after dismissing and reinvoking the keyboard.

Both my code and the project I downloaded give the text field the focus via code prior to the user interacting with the text field.

This happening when running the projects on my iPhone Xs in iOS 13.2.2.

Can anyone else confirm this input field glitch?