touchstart with "force"

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touchstart with "force"

Post by xsymetrix » Fri May 11, 2018 2:25 am

I was looking to see if the force pressure applied to later iOS devices could be used to weigh something. A smart person has done this and explained how it was done.
The URL is touchscale dot co and with an iPhone 6s or better allows you to weigh an apple (quite nifty)
I loaded the URL and as my intent is to weigh vegetables from our community garden (the touch needs something capacitive and vegetables are just that) - it works well enough for data logging harvests.
The code is there in GitHub and it looks like there is a parameter "force" that is attached to touchstart.
Links to GitHub are in the URL above. In livecode, there is just the touchID.
I could put his website in a browser and potentially grab the weights but although beyond my limited capability, could someone either tell me if I'm dreaming to try and incorporate this into a livecode app by trying to do something like creating a widget from his code or nudge me gently in the right direction?

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