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mySQL and accented chars revisited

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:46 am
by Dixie
In a mySQL database I have a name... Bordeaux-Bègles
I call it from the database into a liveCode stack and it comes out as ... Bordeaux-BÈgles

from within a card script :-

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put "" & theLeague into theURL
put URL theURL into temp
put temp into theFixtures 
within the corresponding .lc script :-

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if tAction = "fixtures" then
put $_GET["thediv"] into thedivision
get revDataFromQuery( tab, return, theDataRef, "SELECT * FROM fixtures where league='" & thedivision & "' ;")
put it into temp
put temp
revCloseDataBase theDataRef
end if
if I change

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put temp into theFixtures

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]put textdecode(temp,"UTF-8") into thefixtures
then I get Bordeaux-Bgles... the e, never mind the accent does not appear... I seem to bang my head against a wall over this time and time again...

Help... please... I want my è back :-)

LC 7.1, xCode 6.4