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mobilePickContact and outlook contacts

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:48 am
by trags3
I have a contact list on my iPhone. Until recently I had 2 email addresses that I am able to send/receive emails. I have an app that uses mobileePickContact that has always worked fine.
I recently added an Outlook email account to the phone. Contacts that have been added to the phone through Outlook seem to have a different structure than native iOS contacts.
The mobilPickContact is used to get the firstname,lastname and email address. The app crashes when I pick an address that has been added through Outlook.
When looking at the contact from Outlook the only thing I see different from other contacts is the email addresses are in the form: "email joe@gmail" while others are "Work joe@gmail", "Home joe@gmail", "Other joe@gmail"
When a contact that is in the form "email joe@gmail" the app simply quits :x

Thanks Tom
It seems things have changed with iOS since I added an Outlook email address to the phone.
Even though that address is not the primary account when I go to add addresses I no longer have the option of Home,Work or Other email addresses.
I also about the same time updated to iOS 9.0.2 .
I am compiling with LC 7.1.0 and xcode 6.4 and installing with xcode 7

Everything works fine if I only choose contacts that were prior to iOS 9 and Outlook.

I don't know where to go from here.