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Could not open splash

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:09 pm
by neomodus
I have an application which I am running under the latest release of Livecode 7.0.4(rc2)
It works fine in the iphone/ipad emulator but when I try to save as a standalone i get an error and it will not create a standalone

The error reads
Could not copy splash '/Applications/Livcode 7.0.4(rc2).app/Contents/Tools/Runtime/IOS/Devioces-8-2/Default4InchSplash.png'

I have no Splash screens set up in the standalone IOS settings
I can see the file Default4InchSpash.png and permissions seem OK thoughout.
If I revert to an earlier release of Livecode I get an error message that states
Requires IOS 8.1SDK that comes with Xcode 6.1 but I have 6.2 installed
Any help please?