LiveCode 4.5.2 integrates full release of iOS

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LiveCode 4.5.2 integrates full release of iOS

Post by heatherlaine » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:59 am

For Immediate Release
9:00 a.m. GMT

RunRev Introduces the Fastest Way to Create iPhone/iPad Apps with
LiveCode Deployment Pack for iOS
New LiveCode for iOS Offers Compile-free Programming and ‘Write Once Deploy Everywhere’ Cross Platform Solution, Starting at $99
EDINBURGH, 6 December 2010 – Runtime Revolution Ltd. has introduced the fastest way to create applications for iPhone and iPad with its LiveCode Deployment Pack for iOS. Starting at $99, the new LiveCode for iOS lets software developers create full-featured applications for deployment to the App Store using a tool that works across every major computing platform—mobile, Web, PC, Mac, Linux and server. The new iOS Deployment Pack is a part of the LiveCode development platform, which includes individual solutions for desktop and Web development, multiple users and other requirements.

As a cross-platform development solution, LiveCode for iOS allows developers to use the same code to deploy to multiple mobile platforms, while taking advantage of the many OS-specific features on each device. The LiveCode Deployment Pack for iOS offers tremendous productivity gains over other solutions when developing mobile apps. Specific advantages include:
• Create stunning rich-media apps for distribution to the App Store;
• Build powerful enterprise, IT and business productivity apps for in-house use;
• Create active prototypes for exploring and designing using full-functional apps;
• Use an iterative development environment to view changes in real time;
• Leverage a high-level language, for writing code that makes sense;
• Reuse code to write applications once and deploy across multiple platforms and devices.

“LiveCode for iOS is an easy yet powerful alternative to Objective-C or MonoTouch as it enables development of fully-featured apps in a fraction of the time as other tools,” said Kevin Miller, chief executive officer of RunRev. “With the number of iOS developers and demand for applications increasing daily, there is tremendous competition to create high-quality apps for App Store distribution. LiveCode delivers the quality and speed necessary for developers to create exceptional applications quickly either for sale or in-house use.”

“We had done some work in Objective-C and even used tools to allow us to program in HTML-5 and JavaScript,” said RunRev customer Tim Bobo of Left Brain Media.  “But I found the editing and testing process to be more intuitive and streamlined with LiveCode. The LiveCode team has also impressed me with the speed at which they are adding features and updates. I really think this tool could be a game changer.”

LiveCode Deployment Pack for iOS Features
LiveCode delivers a number of features that ensure fast, easy and powerful iPhone/iPad application development, including:

UI Development
• Bitmap and vector graphic support
• Button and text field support
• Status bar configuration
• iOS inertial scrolling
• iOS pick wheels

Device Interaction
• Orientation change handling
• Multi-touch support
• Shake motion detection
• Accelerometer support
• Access Core location
• Gesture support

Rich Media
• Audio playback
• Video Playback
• Visual transition effects
• Webkit Web browser object

Business and Cloud Apps
• Text and data processing support
• Send mail

LiveCode Development Environment
In addition to LiveCode for iOS, the LiveCode development environment is a fully featured cross-platform solution that enables shared code across multiple platforms and devices. LiveCode delivers:
• Compile-free Coding: Developers can achieve project goals in a fraction of the time using a compile-free workflow, with the ability to make changes to the interface or code while the application is running;
• English-like Programming Language: The LiveCode programming language lets users write code that makes sense using expressive, memorable syntax;
• Cross Platform Development: Flexible delivery options allow developers to reuse the same code across multiple devices and platforms–iPhone/iPad, Web, desktop, and server–from a single code base.

LiveCode Pricing and Features
LiveCode pricing begins at $99 for a one-seat, personal use license, including LiveCode development for iPhone/iPad. Commercial iOS development packs begin at $499. Additional deployment and service packs are available based on project, platform, users or other requirements. LiveCode service packs are offered for specific development environments, professional and commercial requirements, and educators, including universities and K-12 classrooms.

In addition to LiveCode for iOS, deployment packs include Windows desktops, Mac OS X desktops, Linux desktops, and popular Web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. LiveCode has pre-release deployment options available for server environments and additional mobile devices available for review.

About RunRev Ltd.
Founded in 1997, RunRev are the makers of LiveCode (formerly Revolution). The LiveCode platform empowers the creation of applications that run in any environment, using a fast and easy compile-free workflow. LiveCode enables delivery to multiple devices and platforms—mobile, web, desktop and server—from a single code base. The LiveCode natural programming language is considered a modern descendent of HyperCard. The company offers LiveCode for professional programmers, IT and enterprise developers, educators and personal use. RunRev is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information, please visit the company online at

# # #

LiveCode and RunRev are trading names of Runtime Revolution Ltd. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Media Contacts:
US Media: Samantha Steinwinder, 1-206-760-9809,
UK Media: Ajay Nawathe, 0781 356 4099,

Jerry Muelver
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Re: LiveCode 4.5.2 integrates full release of iOS

Post by Jerry Muelver » Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:58 pm

Point of information, please. I've been away for a while. Is LiveCode the new name for Runrev? My RunRev Studio 4.0 "Check for updates" says I've got the latest version. Did my train get switched to another track? :?:

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Re: LiveCode 4.5.2 integrates full release of iOS

Post by Klaus » Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:59 pm

Hi Jerry,

yes, starting with version 4.5 Runtime is now called Livecode!

"Check for updates" is no longer supported, and for questions concerning your license
you should contact "" for precise infos.



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Re: LiveCode 4.5.2 integrates full release of iOS

Post by Maciej » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:16 pm

I'm Revolution Enterprise user. I want to download LiveCode 4.5.2 Trial to check how it works, but I cannot do it! I have to make new account! How I can download and run trial without making new, fake account?

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