LiveCode 4.5.1 Ships

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LiveCode 4.5.1 Ships

Post by heatherlaine » Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:02 pm

LiveCode 4.5.1
With LiveCode iOS pre-release 14

Available Nov 11, a double whammy! We are proud to announce our latest LiveCode releases. Not only does LiveCode 4.5.1 (free to existing 4.5 license holders) bring you stability and maintenance enhancements, but crucially the associated LiveCode iOS pre-release brings the ability to deploy to the Apple App store.

But that's not all this exciting iOS pre-release is bringing you. Lets take a closer look at the goodies in LiveCode iOS pr14:

* Submit to the App Store
Support for building using ad-hoc and store distribution profiles - this is the one you've all been waiting for, now you can build for App store.

*Simple pList Editor
Simple plist editor, to allow easy configuration of various bundle options - an important addition that enables you to finely configure many aspects of your application, complete with a visual editor.

*Splash Screens
Support for splash/launch image at different resolutions - you can create beautiful splash screens for your Apps.

*App Icons
Create App icons at different resolutions, supporting the various iOS devices.

*Post and Load URL
'post url' and "load url" support - you can now pass data from your application to a web page, and get your data back by loading the page.

*Visual Effects
Visual effects - including iOS 'flip' and 'page curl', ready for you to make beautiful slick transitions in your interface.

*Status Bar Config
Support for configuring status bar style and visibility, dynamically from within your App.

*Seamless Startup
Improved startup - your launch image persists until your project is fully is rendered.

*Numerous Fixes
All this plus numerous fixes and enhancements.

This iOS pre-release requires LiveCode 4.5.1 to run.

New in 4.5.1:

LiveCode 4.5.1 is a general maintenance release for all users, bringing added stability across all the platforms LiveCode supports including Desktop, Web and Mobile. If you already have a LiveCode 4.5 license, this is a free release for you, simply download and license from your account:

Some of the things brought to you in 4.5.1 include more HIG-conformant keyboard layout handling, improvements to MySQL driver including SSL support on all platforms, lower-level access to XML documents which use namespaces, improvements to revBrowser, including experimental support for moving instances between windows and windows SSL libraries updated to OpenSSL 1.0.0a. Also implemented are over 60 bug fixes to many areas of the product. For full details on the improvements in this release please check the release notes: ... -4_5_1.pdf

Warm Regards

Heather Nagey
Customer Services Manager
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