LiveCode for FM Brings Flexible Coding to FileMaker

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LiveCode for FM Brings Flexible Coding to FileMaker

Post by heatherlaine » Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:40 pm

Dear Forum members,

Today we are proud to announce the first release of the LiveCode for FM beta:

This allows you to use the power of LiveCode inside FileMaker, bringing the best of both worlds to your app. FileMaker excels at providing data driven capabilities while LiveCode excels at native app centric features. By running LiveCode applications within FileMaker a whole new class of interactive app can now be created rapidly by using the unique strengths from each environment.

For example you can:

- Display fully interactive content built in LiveCode within FileMaker
- Use LiveCode’s complete feature set, with 30+ fully customizable interface objects and 5000+ language features built-in, plus flexible widgets and community built libraries for even the most sophisticated project
- Continue to use all of FileMaker’s great data toolset and rich business app building features
- Integrate external systems including OS and complex web APIs
- Add functions that are currently difficult or impossible in FileMaker, for example:

* A billing calculator
* Survey tool
* Tree data display
* Animated chart
* Rich text editor
* Manipulate data going into or retrieved from FileMaker using natural English “chunk” expressions, traditional regular expressions, nested arrays, and a whole host of professional grade data manipulation tools.

This release will bring great benefits to a new audience for the LiveCode platform. It has been built on the new LiveCode 8 platform which shipped earlier this year. In other news 8.1.2-rc-2 was released today, and a new DP of the 9 series is expected this week, being built by our separate LiveCode Language team.

If you are a FileMaker user, check out our new LiveCode for FM Beta here today:

Warm Regards,


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Re: LiveCode for FM Brings Flexible Coding to FileMaker

Post by YogiYang » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:12 am


FM's run time is a very big and deploying it is also a pain, so I would like to know as to how we one be able to deploy the app created in FM using LC?

I mean will the code written in LC get compiled to binary form?

Will this solution work on both Mac OS and Windows?

Which lowest version FM will be supported?

Yogi Yang

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Re: LiveCode for FM Brings Flexible Coding to FileMaker

Post by LCMark » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:35 pm

@YogiYang: LCFM is a FIleMaker plugin, so it you build it into your FM solution and deploy that in the usual way. LCFM works on both Mac and Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and supports FM14 and above.

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