ChartMaker 3, Build 63 released

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ChartMaker 3, Build 63 released

Post by FLCo » Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:39 pm

I am pleased to announce a free update for ChartMaker that is LC6.7 and LC7 compatible. This update also affects the ChartMaker Utility.

Full release notes and the new release download are available here, including a free 30-day trial (or use your existing key to update): ... atsnew.htm

The download is also available from

Note that as a professional product, ChartMaker requires LiveCode Commercial. However, specific circumstances will be considered for developers who require unlocked maintenance access for their clients.

Version: 3.0
Build: 63
Release type: Update
Issued: 16 Feb 2015

ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.

What's New in this build?

This is a free maintenance release that addresses the following issues...

• General LC7 compatibility
• Photos and images (png, gif or jpeg) can now be used as backgrounds in line, scatter, bar and column charts, either embedded or by reference. See GridImagePath, GridImageEmbed and GridImageBlend in the documentation.
• Line and Scatter chart x-axis labels can now be placed either above or below the chart. See XLabelPosition in the documentation.

• Title display fixed for LC7 (was truncating the field)
• Utility: Now correctly names chart windows when a duplicate stack file name exists
• Scatter charts: Decimal Precision ("DP=<value>") is now applied as expected to data labels

• Legend display fixed for LC7 (only displayed 'aim lines' are now listed)
• Rotated text improved for LC7 (now set to 6x size before resizing instead of 4x)
• Utility: Due to engine performance in LC6.7 and LC7, animation when expanding sections has been suppressed.

• Decimal Precision ("DP=<value>") now applies to axis labels as well as data labels.
• ChartSize minimum plot size was 100x100. It is now 50x50. Defaults remain as 300x300 for Mobile, and 600x400 for Desktop.
• ChartSize maximum plot was was automatically limited to the monitor.This limitation has been removed.

Issues in LC6.6 have been addressed in LC6.7 and LC7. The previous latest compatible version was LC6.5.1
• Missing data items now handled correctly (split by column omited empty lines)
• PDF printing (failed with zero byte files)
• Utility: Combobox issues (empty label recognition)
• Utility: Popup menus (failed to update)

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