ControlManager Build 70 released

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ControlManager Build 70 released

Post by FLCo » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:08 pm

I am delighted to announce that an updated version of ControlManager is now available. You can find out more at... (includes video)

and at ... ager-1-0-0 (now with lots of 5-star reviews... Thanks!)

All registered users should have received a free update. If you didn't, please let me know.

Meanwhile, this is what has been included in the latest build...

New in Build 70
• Filter: A filter has been added to the Control Browser tab. Options include 'All matches' and 'Prefix matches only'.
• Global Properties: More than 120 global properties are now included. Click the new green 'G' icon.
• Object Properties: An additional 37 additional object properties are included. There are now 320 object properties available, including IconGravity (6.7+) and CenterRect (6.7+)
• Added 'Architecture' and 'Externals' as property groupings
• Library stacks are now listed in the Celestial Overview
• Options menu: Short or long object forms can now be chosen (e.g. "btn" or "button", "grp" or "group")
• Options menu: Vertical scrollbars may now be omitted from the Control and Properties browsers for less clutter or if you prefer to use the mousewheel
• Unused backgrounds: A warning icon with action access is now displayed if there are unused (i.e. unplaced) stack backgrounds

Improvements in Build 70
• Control Browser: Celestial overview now supports stack collapse/expand with shift-click to collapse/expand all
• Property Browser: Shift-click property disclosures to collapse/expand all
• Disclosure memory: List disclosure states are now retained (unless filtering is active) until the list content is updated
• Window height: Maximum window height increased to maximum allowed
• Inline behavior icons now reflect password protection
• Read-only Properties text is now always selectable so it can be copied if required with Cmd/Ctrl.C

Changes in Control Browser behaviour in Build 70
A visual 'cheat sheet' is now supplied with the package for reference
• Double-clicking no longer displays the Properties Browser
• Double-clicking on a listed group now navigates to edit the group
• Double-clicking a listed card now navigates to the card controls
• Clicking the object icon edits the script
• Clicking the behavior icon edits the behaviour script
• Clicking the visibility bullet icons shows/hides the object

Bugfixes in Build 70
• Control Browser: Celestial overview: Both stack and card selection changes are now reflected in the palette
• Control Browser: Celestial overview: Double-clicking embedded media no longer throws an error
• Deeply indented list items no longer over-truncate
• Stacks deleted by the IDE's Project Browser no longer result in a ControlManager error
• Properties: 'Copy list' now works for properties displayed by type

With best regards,

Hugh Senior
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