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mergExt New Releases

Post by monte » Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:19 am

Dear LiveCoders

Today I'm releasing updates for all the mergExt iOS externals to support iOS 8. In addition there are a number of new features released today.
- mergCL now includes geocoding and reverse geocoding commands and a distance between coordinates function.
- mergMK now has commands to get and set annotation attributes and extra annotation options and messages
- mergFTPD adds a FTP daemon to an app with one command which makes if very easy to manage a directory of files from the desktop version of your app or just from a regular FTP client.

With the addition of mergFTPD (sold separately for $9) mergExt Complete is amazing value with $913 worth of individual products for one price of $299.

I have also updated rrehardcopy for iOS 8. Unfortunately rrenarrator doesn't want to build in Xcode 6 and I don't want to take on maintenance of that external because of the quirky open source license it's distributed under I would need to rename it like I did with rremicrophone. When RunRev release a fix for rrenarrator I will re-include it in my build process to save people having to build it themselves.


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