[ANN] The LiveCode Lab is open for experimentation

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[ANN] The LiveCode Lab is open for experimentation

Post by smpcs » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:01 pm

Are you interested in:

* Starting an adventure in server-side coding today, without having to setup your own server.
* Designing and creating web apps using the LiveCode language.
* Experimenting and learning about server-side coding.
* Making lean web apps without a framework that hides how they work.
* Creating one page utilities, or complex multi-user programs.
* Contributing to a LiveCode open source community while improving your skills and sharing the results of your experiments.
* Editing, testing and running LiveCode handlers on any device with a web browser.

The LiveCode Lab is here!

What On Earth is The LiveCode Lab? (PDF file)

Drop by, get your own account, and let the experiments begin.

Components, Libraries, Tools and Resources for LiveCode

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