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Installer Maker 1.8.7b04

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:26 pm
by Mark
Hi everyone,

A new beta version of Installer Maker has been released. Installer Maker 1.8.7b04 is not available on Economy-x-Talk's homepage yet but can only be downloaded from the following link:

Installer Maker 1.8.7 is going to contain many bug fixes, enhancements and new features:

- Installers created with a trial copy on Windows should now start correctly (only on the same computer as on which they were created)
- The documentation (on the Help screen) should still show up, even if the httpHeaders were set incorrectly by another script
- install locations have been extended by a large number of Windows-specific directories
- the destination "startup disk" appeared incorrectly
- a possibility to create an installer with empty files has been added
- the uninstaller is now installed in the executable's folder on Windows, while previously it would end up in a separate folder occasionally
- file paths are now included in profile files
- if a path in a profile file is not found, you'll be asked if you want to repair all paths
- MetaCard/Revolution/LiveCode stacks can be opened and run before or after uninstallation (note: no externals can be used in these stacks)
- on Windows, the Uninstaller can now execute LiveCode scripts that have been added on the Scripts pane; thise feature will be added for Mac OS X soon
- a small problem that inadvertantly disabled the radio buttons on the Scripts pane has been fixed

Currently, Installer Maker 1.8.7 is available as a plug-in only. A standalone version will be made available shortly.

Please, let me know if you find any problems in this beta version of Installer Maker.

Kind regards,