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Forum Guidelines

Post by heatherlaine » Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:22 pm

Welcome to the LiveCode Forums! We're proud to be a great community of
friendly and helpful people, and we look forward to your contribution.

The purpose of these forums is to help people learn about LiveCode and
how to use it effectively. This is also a place where the community can
share ideas, tips, and tools for LiveCode, and enjoy each other's

To achieve this, we strive to maintain a friendly, respectful
atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all members of the community. These
forums are moderated, but only to support the goals outlined here. If
we all show respect and courtesy to one another, moderation will rarely
if ever be needed.

Anyone is welcome to read the forums, but posting here requires all
members, moderators, and managers adhere to these Guidelines.

Guidelines for Posting

Prohibited Content
The LiveCode forums are used by people of all ages, and may be used in
the context of school or work. With this in mind, users agree not to
post anything obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening, insulting,
sexually-oriented, promoting illegal activity, or advertising products
not related to LiveCode. Any content that violates these Guidelines may
be subject to modification or removal, and the account holder may
receive a warning, suspension, or permanent ban from the forums, as
deemed appropriate by RunRev Ltd. or its approved moderators.

Suggestions for Posting
Here are some common practices we find useful for keeping conversations
friendly and helpful, and we strongly encourage you to consider these
when posting:
  • • Avoid all-caps or extremely large text
    These are commonly seen as "yelling", and can make posts difficult to

    • Avoid duplicate posts
    Please make only one post on a given topic. This makes it easier for
    others to know where to reply, and increases the archival value of your
    post in providing a single thread others can refer to.

    • Post in appropriate sections
    The LiveCode forums have many sections, each with its own focus. Please
    post your topics in the appropriate section, so others can find them
    more easily.

    • Homework assistance
    LiveCode is used in many educational institutions, from K-12 through
    higher ed. From time to time we can expect members to ask for
    assistance on solving a particularly difficult exercise. When making
    such a request, please note that it's for a homework assignment and
    consider also including the course title and grade level, so the other
    members can better assess how to support the learning objectives of
    your class in their replies.

    • Be patient
    Please remember that everyone contributing to the LiveCode forums does
    so on a volunteer basis. While many members contribute daily, there may
    be times when your post doesn't see a reply for many days. If you
    really need an answer to your post, please "bump" your topic (adding a
    new post only to return it to the New Posts queue) no more than once
    per day.

    • Promote your product, but don't be spammy
    We encourage anyone producing any products of interest to the LiveCode
    community to post announcements of them to the Announcements section.
    Please keep such posts to one per product or product version.

    • Respect the forum staff
    The forum moderators and managers have been chosen by RunRev Ltd. only
    after having demonstrated strong support for the community over a long
    period of time. Moderators are volunteers, who take time away from
    their schedules to help maintain the community standards of the forums.
    Moderation is rarely needed, but when it is we ask that you respect the
    decision, and not create new threads in the forums to argue about it.
    If you feel any moderator's action was mistaken or otherwise not in the
    best interest of the LiveCode community, the appropriate way to request
    a review of the action is outlined in the section below, "Conflict
User Restrictions
To reduce spam on the forums the following restrictions are applied to
new user accounts: In order to post a url or an attachment you must
have been a member of the forum for at least a week and made at least 5

A post must contain a minimum of 10 characters, this applies to all
users not just to new user accounts.

Guidelines for Moderation
Actions that may be taken by moderators generally fall into two

These are actions that restrict a user's ability to participate in the
forums, including account suspension, banning, or even deletion. These
are serious actions to be taken only in extreme cases, such as those
involving spam, profanity, illegal activity, or other serious offense.

These do not restrict any account, but merely adjust posts and topics
to maintain good community standards, including moving or merging
threads, modifying thread titles, or closing threads when they get
off-topic or become needlessly contentious. Housekeeping activities
should not be seen as a reflection of the merit of any particular
member, but merely part of the effort needed to keep the forums helpful
for all members.

Conflict Resolution
We hope that all forum members, moderators, and managers will adhere to
these Guidelines and exercise their good judgment in maintaining a
helpful and friendly venue for discussing LiveCode. When any post or
other action appears to deviate from these goals, we ask that you
resolve such conflicts using these methods:

Reporting Inappropriate Posts
If you feel any post violates these Guidelines, please report the post
to the moderators using the Report icon (the warning triangle) included
in the header of each post, and include a brief description of why you
feel the post is inappropriate. Members should not attempt to argue
with the offending poster, or otherwise try to correct the situation
themselves. Reporting the post to the moderators is the best course of

Reporting Inappropriate Moderation
We expect the moderators of the LiveCode forum to adhere to these
Guidelines as much as any member. If you feel any action taken by a
moderator was mistaken or otherwise inappropriate, you are encouraged
to report the moderator's action to the forum manager at the email
address Please include the URL to the forum post
where the action occurred, along with a description of why you feel it
was inappropriate.

The Guidelines above are general in nature and do not attempt to
address all possible circumstances. At all times RunRev Ltd. reserves
the right to modify posts and accounts at their sole discretion.
Moderators approved by RunRev Ltd. may take specific actions in support
of the goals outlined here, but any final determination of any issue in
the forums always remains with the employees of RunRev Ltd. only.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions to help improve the forums can
be sent to RunRev Ltd. at

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