LiveCode 6.5.0 Released

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LiveCode 6.5.0 Released

Post by heatherlaine » Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:04 pm

Dear Forum Members

We are please to announce the release of LiveCode 6.5.0.

Thank you to all those who tested the releases and reported reproducible
bugs. It is your work that has enabled us to release today.

LiveCode 6.5 will now because the basis for our maintenance cycle so
maintenance releases will now have the 6.5.x numbering convention.

*Release Content*
Fullscreen scaling on mobile
High density screen support
Density Mapped images
Improved image editing tools.
PCRE library updated to version 8.33
libUrlSetSSLVerification now supported on mobile platforms
New global property colorDialogColors
Integration of revFont external
Enhanced \'filter\' command
Text Measurement
The optional *recursively* adverb has been added to union and intersect
Xpath functions
75 bug fixes: 11523 - 3D borders render incorrectly
*11522 - Crash when getting the filename of an image which references a
file that does not exist*
*11512 - 1 pixel borders don\'t scale correctly in fullscreen mode*
*11511 - Fix a crash when retrieving contacts imported from Outlook into
the iOS address book*
*11501 - Certain non-antialiased polygons with 1 pixel borders fill
*11496 - Redrawing gradients when accelerated rendering is on can cause
lines to appear in certain cases*
*11485 - Mobile native controls are positioned incorrectly in fullscreen
*11458 - Text size element of styled text array is not converted to numeric
11494 - Crash when calling intersects on a button with an icon.
11486 - Angled images not rendering correctly in certain situations.
11475 - Field htmltext has invalid color attribure values
11428 - Fix crash on Android calling mobilePlaySoundOnChannel with invalid
11395 - Grapic markers are drawn incorrectly
11278 - Android mobilePick can only be called once, reliably
11149 - revDatabaseConnectResult always returns empty
11476 - Freeze when drawing certain gradients
11472 - Linux \"Open Stack...\" dialog does not show \"All Files\" option.
11471 - Loss of quality for certain gradient types
11470 - Regular polygons with a line size greater than 1 clip
11469 - Ovals are filled incorrectly when using startAngle/arcAngle
11464 - Fix crash when printing an RLE-encoded image on OSX
11457 - Antialised single point lines draw across pixels
11456 - OS X tab buttons clip for certain text sizes
11445 - Fix image scaling with \"best\" resizequality rounding scale
factors down to integer values.
11444 - Odd letter spacing in text when rendered in certain fonts at
certain sizes.
10485 - Take account of keyboard visibility in Android \"effective working
screenrect\". Notify engine of changes to keyboard visibility.
11436 - Standalone builder still has option for Armv6 iOS builds
11426 - When drawing opaque round rectangles the fill overlaps the stroke
11422 - Multiply blend mode incorrect
11415 - Random issues with text layout and alignment.
11413 - Text clipped vertically on iOS for certain fonts (updated fix for
iOS 6)
11320 - Player rect not adjusted by stack scroll when redrawing on OSX
11197 - Crash when attempting to print to file on linux
11397 - Imagedata of resized images returned at wrong scale
11393 - Fullscreen modes cause clipped text on Windows
11390 - Fix incorrect cropping of resized image
11389 - Dashed borders on oval grapgics do not start at the correct location
11388 - 1 pixel non-antialiased lines draw incorrectly in certain
11360 - Linux themeing does not correctly work on non 32bit displays
11355 - Focus border on Windows default button has artefacts.
10508 - Printing text to PDF on Windows can result in poor layout.
11367 - Gradient inspector does not draw fully
11359 - Redraw issues with inner glow and inner shadow.
11351 - \"recursively\" option for array union and intersect not working.
11349 - Content outside of card rect can be seen in show all fullscreenmode
when acceleratedRendering is true.
11338 - Character backColor not rendered in fields.
11336 - The fullscreenModes are now camel-case.
11335 - In fullscreen mode on Mac, the window resize handle still appears.
11332 - Text not rendered in correct location in -ui mode when taking
snapshot of object.
11330 - Visual effects not displayed correctly on iOS when fullscreenmode
is \'no border\', and stack extends outside of the visible screen.
11329 - Dynamic layers do not render correctly when fullscreenmode causes
stack to not be at top-left of screen.
11327 - Opening large scripts takes longer in 6.5 than 6.1.2
11325 - Graphic effects rendered incorrectly when non-Normal blend mode
11324 - Borders still rendered even if borderWidth == 0.
11315 - Instability of LiveCode when gradients are being / have been
11314 - Image transparency is lost when setting the imagedata
11299 - Answer folder for XCode app bundle has a typo
11198 - Fix color issues on PowerPC Mac
11174 - Conical spiral XY and sqrtXY gradients render incorrectly.
11310 - Italic fonts clipped on right hand side on iOS
11309 - Text clips for certain fonts on Mac
11297 - Setting the color of a graphic effect resets its opacity
11283 - Italic fonts are not rendered on Mac.
11280 - Project browser does not expand cards of substacks
11241 - Non-3D borders are always black.
11227 - Android native controls are positioned incorrectly.
11221 - Field background pattern not working.
11179 - Images with an angle other than 0 are not drawn.
11178 - Import from paint always fails.
11176 - MouseDoubleUp messages are not sent on Linux.
10995 - Standalones now set default font settings the same as the IDE.
10980 - Setting the filename of an image which already has a filename
causes the property to be unset and \'could not load image\' in the result.
10977 - Setting the image filename to empty unsets the image text and
10964 - Inconsistent rounding of floating point values.
6720 - Scrollbar properties not returned in correct format.

For all those interested in using these features in you stacks, please see
the release notes for usage details. For certain features we've also
produced tutorials which can be found here:

*Getting this release*
To upgrade to this release please select "check for updates" from the help
menu in LiveCode or download the installers directly at:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

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Re: LiveCode 6.5.0 Released

Post by ddupont » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:29 pm

Auto size works on my phone. However, I can no longer test it on my other devices. I get an error message of "App not installed". I even tried on a co-workers phone. The only phone that can install is my new phone. My old phone was reset to factory. It installed the app just fine until I recompiled under 6.5 to get the auto scale. The phone I had prior to that has the same issue (I contacted the new owner to test the app. It has a small screen so would be perfect. It was NOT reset to factory). So then I tried it on my tablet(which ran the app just fine and has not been reset). It won't install on it either. The same error is displayed for all devices, "App not installed". This comes after the normal "Do you want to.." and the security and permissions screens.

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Re: LiveCode 6.5.0 Released

Post by jacque » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:37 pm

The problem you're seeing with installation isn't related to the new LiveCode release. I assume you are on Android, since you mention a permissions screen.

You will get this error if there is a previous build of the app on the device and you haven't rebuilt it with a different build number. You can either change the buildnumber in the standalone settings and recompile, or easier, just delete any old copies of the app before installing a new one.

You will also get this error if the app hasn't been signed, but since it installed on your new phone I don't think that's the problem.
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Re: LiveCode 6.5.0 Released

Post by ddupont » Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:32 pm

Thanks for your reply.

I change the build number each time. I have also tried uninstalling and removing the downloaded files from the prior versions. It's a no go. But it works fine on my current Android phone. I also just re-built the app from scratch with a different name. Same error on other Android devices that do not belong to me any more. One of the test devices used to be my phone but it is now my brother's phone. App not installed.

I am thinking permissions changed to distribute because if I open an older version of LiveCode, build the app and send it out to my brother (and a co-worker) it installs just fine. Something with 6.5.0 is wrong.

I waited to receive a new PC. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Installed the latest stable release of LiveCode. Rebuilt App from scratch. Same thing. :(

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