[ANN] Release LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8

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Livecode Staff Member
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[ANN] Release LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8

Post by LiveCode_Panos » Wed May 01, 2024 3:50 pm

Dear LiveCoders,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8.

LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8 comes with 5 bugfixes since the previous DP release, and also includes the bug fixes of LiveCode 9.6.12 RC-1, including support for adding a privacy manifest in your iOS app, which is a new requirement for AppStore submissions as of today.

You can find more details on the bug fixes and improvements of this new release here:

https://livecode.com/release-9-6-12-rc- ... -and-more/

You can find the release in your LiveCode account area or get it via the automatic updater.


Kind regards
The LiveCode Team

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Re: [ANN] Release LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8

Post by richmond62 » Wed May 01, 2024 7:10 pm

Can you tell me when the new GUI will be present?
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 21.09.09.png

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Re: [ANN] Release LiveCode 10.0.0 DP-8

Post by mrcoollion » Mon May 06, 2024 8:01 am

There is an issue with making executables on Windows with this version.
I submitted a bug report: https://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=24525

I get the following message immediately after generating the executable:
1 Windows, external failed to copy: "C:/Users/pager/AppData/Roaming/RunRev/Components/LiveCode 10.0 (dp 8 )/Runtime/Windows/x86-64/Externals/CEF/revbrowser-cefprocess.exe"
2 Windows, external failed to copy: "C:/Users/pager/AppData/Roaming/RunRev/Components/LiveCode 10.0 (dp 8 )/Runtime/Windows/x86-64/Externals/CEF/libbrowser-cefprocess.exe"
The previous version (dp7) does NOT have this problem.



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