Official Info: latest version, support, help resources

Get help and support using chartsEngine for LiveCode.

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Official Info: latest version, support, help resources

Post by BvG » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:56 pm

Here you can find the most important information in a centralised place.

The latest version

The newest release is 1.2.1. There's no features or bug fixes, the only difference is a new licensing system, so existing customers do not need to update necessarily. Click here to download it. In case of licensing problems read this.

Older versions

The last feature release was 1.2. Click here to download it. What's new?
The previous version would be 1.1.1. Click here to download. Info about that release.
The last feature version was 1.1. Click here to see relevant information about this outdated release.


There is documentation in the download of the current version. It is also usable as demo version, so if you haven't checked ChartsEngine out yet, you will find ample time and opportunities to learn about it in there.


If you have further questions, hints or remarks, then simply post them here in this forum, or send me an email.
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