Charts with series and no datas

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Charts with series and no datas

Post by jaguayo » Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:26 pm


I am trying to make a linear graph with a series of data. In the middle of the series there are some data in target (nonexistent). There is some way of which it does not paint those data (that the hollow leaves, without line). Since it does when there are no data at the outset or in the end.

Estoy intentando hacer un gráfico de lineas con una serie de datos. En la mitad de la serie hay unos datos en blanco (inexistentes). Hay alguna manera de que no pinte esos datos (que deje el hueco, sin línea). Como lo hace cuando no hay datos al principio o al final de la serie.

(Excuse for my bad English)

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Post by malte » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:51 am

Hi Joseba,

right now chartsEngine interpolates for missing data, so I am afraid for this version the answer is...

Not that easy :) If your datasets are small, you can look at the points of the graphic and insert a blank where the break should appear.

But I see how that would make sense as a feature. I am on the road at the moment, so it will unlikely be this week, but I can see if I can add a property, that will allow for breaks in charts. I will upload a testbuild, once I got it working.

all the best,


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