Changelog of versions made by Malte

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Changelog of versions made by Malte

Post by malte » Thu May 07, 2009 11:08 am

Hi all. 1.0.4 is up: ...


Fixed examples to assure Metacard compatibility
Added checkbox to display the state of the library (in use or not)

New properties:
- charts["captionLeftMargin"]
Offsets the captions left from the left of the parent group


New properties:
- charts["yConvertsTo"]
- charts["yPrefix"]
- charts["yPostFix"]
(see same properties for x-axis)

- charts["xFixedHeight"]
- charts["yFixedWidth"]
Those properties govern the maximum height for the description text. If the text to be displayed is larger than the values of these properties the text will be chopped off.


- charts now render their legend on substacks
- chartsCreateChart will now only create a new chart parent group if the name parameter is either empty or a group with the same name does not exist on the current card of the target stack. If the name parameter is empty, the name of the group will be set to "chart" && the milliseconds
- chartsCreateChart can now be sent as a message. e.g.:
send "chartsCreateChart" && "chartname" && tRectangle to stack "name of stack"
- fixed bug with the y grid, where the topmost label was rendered incorrectly for fractional numbers


- Fixed typos in documentation

1.0 Initial release

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