Regarding chartEngine & showValues

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Regarding chartEngine & showValues

Post by morbug » Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:09 pm


I've only scratched the surface of the chartEngine demo but I must say that I like what I see so far. To be honest I'm only using Revolution for hobby related gaming projects but since I work a lot with charts in my day job I can't help but be interested in this.

I noticed that showValues is only supposed to work with pie and doughnut charts. Since I would really like to use it with barsGrouped and barsStacked too I did some quick experimenting. I found that it works pretty well if you set showValues to true when using barsStacked (especially if you set the alignment to "left") so that's nice. Well I've only tried it with the example charts but it's promising anyway :)

When I tried using the setting with barsGrouped the values were displayed too far down in the chart but the relative distances between the values looked alright. If you could move all values by X pixels toward the top it would look fine. Now I know that it's not supposed to work but do you think it would be possible to add "official support" to showValues in barsStacked and barsGrouped? It would be pretty useful, especially if I decide to use chartEngine & Revolution for anything work-related.

Oh, and I'll probably buy this in a week or two. It would be fun to add some nice charts to a play-by-email-reporting tool I'm building. I'll be playing with the demo until then!

- Fredrik

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Post by malte » Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:44 pm

Hi Fredrik,

that is the plan. I will want to support that officially, but have to get the geometry right. Thus I left it undocumented for the initial release. As charting is such a huge field there is so much room for improvement. many things on the agenda.



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