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Swiss LiveCode User Group

Post by golife » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:15 pm

Either I am interested knowing about a Swiss user group (German-speaking part of the country) or setting up such user group if there are enough people (starting from 3) who would like to join for regular or irregular meetings.

Sharing some background about myself:

My personal background with Hypertalk started way back when Hypercard was introduced for the first time. I have been publishing and even selling "stacks" and later moved ahead to join LiveCode also way back when version 1 appeared. I have had the chance to personally even meet the original developers of Hypercard.

Also, I do have a good developer knowledge of Filemaker (quite popular in Switzerland) that I followed also from the beginning when it was published in France long ago. But from a developer point of view, I think Filemaker is well suited for quickly organizing data and show results, but it tends to become unmanageable when developing bigger applications -- at least this is what I experienced. Any design and script changes then can become a huge headache. Using LiveCode within that context is a great help, and I thought about this many years ago, as scripting is so much easier using LiveCode than following the limited and strict scripting in Filemaker and the rather strange way tables are connected without the real possibility of using the full power of SQL. (There are advantages, but also severe disadvantages in following the pure FileMaker model.)

I am not a full-time developer though. I have managed and built large developer groups with over 100 developers supplying industrial-strength software to large corporations for many years. I am conceptually good, and I had success in defining strategies and making customers understand what they actually could need instead of what they wish. And I usually know what to do when creating whatever application conceivable in LiveCode -- and I love LiveCode. If there is a lack in something, this forum is always friendly and ready to help. I still would not compare my skills with the skills of such top developers you find here in this forum.

Yes, I like to see LiveCode flourish and be highly successful as it deserves. There could be more done in this direction.

So, whoever is interested, please write or contact me directly. We would announce a meeting place and date/time once three developers become interested (including myself). Or if such group already exists, I just would like to join.

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Re: Swiss LiveCode User Group

Post by Mark » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:18 pm

Björnke organised a LiveCode meeting in Zürich a few years ago. I attented the meeting with the intention to attend/organise more international meetings. I've organised a few meetings in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. Send me a message and perhaps we'll be able to organise a meeting in Switzerland again.
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