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invitation to an openEHR conference that'll feature a LiveCode-built app

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:15 pm
by dave.kilroy
Hi all

This is a long-shot but here goes...

If you're available on the 18th of April AND if you're prepared to travel to Plymouth, UK for an 08:15 start then you're cordially invited to the "openEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem – The Plymouth Perspective" conference!

Details and booking page're welcome to stay at my house unless it's already full of other people I've invited - so let me know soon!)

Kind regards


PS: I would love to get loads of people using openEHR with LiveCode as their preferred route to making apps for it...

PPS: the app being demoed is the same dementia app you've possibly already seen me do a Livecode Global presentation on last autumn...