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LiveCode Takes New York!!

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:00 pm
by ToddFabacher
You might have noticed one of the email announcing the LiveCode is "Taking or New York". Well the dates look like Feb 15th to March 15th. We are going to go all over the city to promote LiveCode. Yes, we are hitting the streets and cafes, and maybe even Grand Central Stations!! The schedule is now being finalized, to you you an idea, We will be in Harlem at the YMCA teaching and promoting LiveCode to inner city youth, at the Deutsche Bank building on Wall Street, Hip Cafes in Brooklyn focusing on Startups and lots more.

Our promotion is to attract people in NY who wish to have an App done, either on their own or to contract out. We will be handing out thousands of flyers to people and posted all around the city.

Also, the tentative date is March 12th have a Barcamp or "unconference". This is organized by the community with participation from LiveCode. We hope that we can make even more announcements like a LiveCode 8 release - nothing like putting on the pressure. I will be sponsoring a networking event and party, so it should be interesting and lots of fun.

If you have suggestions, ideas or advice - I would be most grateful.