Probleme with animation engine 5.0.2

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Probleme with animation engine 5.0.2

Post by fm31 » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:18 pm


May I told you about a problem I have detected with animation engine. Perhaps it's my fault but sincerely, I don't understand what happens. I give you a little stack to show you the problem :

in this stack , you have 2 balls : a green one (ball G) and a purple one (ball V) and 3 buttons. with the button ">>>>", you can move the two balls to the right 10 pixels by 10 . .At each clic on the button ">>>>", we use the function accollinding to detect the collisions between the 2 balls and the 3 buttons. the result is written inside the right field. In the same time , le resullt of the aecollision message is displayed on the right field.

the tows balls are obliged to cross the 3 buttons

for me at the beginning , my question was : how to detect the end of the collision ???? and then I built this test.( if someone has the solution, I'am very interesting by it)

and what happens : if you try this stack, you will see that the result of the ascollinding function is not always true !

I hope that someone will responds to me


a little stack to see the problem
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