animationEngine 5.0.2 First code dump

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animationEngine 5.0.2 First code dump

Post by malte » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:57 am

Hi all,

as promised, I am following runrevs lead and am going dual licensed with animationEngine. As I traded leaving in the nasty german comments against a 50 pound pledge (Yes Mats, they are still in there) There hasn't been much cleanup I had to do. For those who have been waiting for this, you find the unlocked stack here:

If you are interested in how I think this will pan out, please continue reading.
I have removed everything that had to do with registration of the stack. Instead I put in the following license Header to the stack script:

-- animationEngine 5.0.2
-- ©2005 - 2013 derbrill IT service. To get in touch contact
-- This stack was written by Malte Pfaff-Brill with the help of quite a few people
-- No rocket sience involved, however many books read any a lot of work went into
-- this stack.

-- Licensing terms:

-- These scripts are licensed to you if you agree to be bound to one of the following
-- License types at your choice.

-- 1) GPL 3
-- You may use animationEngine as FREE Software as outlined in the terms of the GPL3 or any
-- higher version of the GPL as found here:

-- 2) Commercial license:
-- If you do not want to disclose the sources of your application you have the option to purchase a commercial license
-- by paying a fee. You can buy a commercial license from the runrev marketplace. At the time of the writing of this document
-- this can be done following this link:
-- You are paying a license fee for the major version of animationEngine. If you are licensing animationEngine 5.0.2, you will be
-- able to use all upgrades that carry the same major version number (in this case 5.x). Once the switch is made to a version
-- 6.x of the library, you will need to upgrade your license to use the latest version. However, of course you may continue to use
-- any version of the library you currently have licensed, without needing to purchase an upgrade.
-- Such a commercial license releases you from the requirements of the copyleft GPL license, which include: distribution of all
-- source code, including your own product; licensing of your own product under the GPL license; prominent mention of the
-- derbrill copyright and the GPL license; and disclosure of modifications to the library.

-- Code Contributions
-- If you want to contribute to animationEngines codebase and want your changes to be accepted into the main trunc,
-- you will have to accept our open source contribution agreement as found here:

I will continue to be the maintainer of the official fork of animationEngine, however, if you are interested in using and improving it, I highly encourage you to get involved. AnimationEngine has a dedicated forum here:

Hope to see you here / there.

I hope dumping the code may be useful. It will be a while until the open version will make it to the marketplace site and gets updated there. If there is anyone who might suggest an appropriate repository where to host the development version for contributions, I am all ears. Not that experienced with OSS dev, so I am eager to learn how to handle this in the best and most convenient way.


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