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Post by calvi » Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:25 am

I have downloaded the studio trial but despite seeing a few hints about questions I can find no readily available resources to make assessments easier. For example multiple choice questions, drag and drop etc. Are these hidden somewhere I have yet to look??

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Post by Bill » Sat Feb 17, 2007 7:23 am

I made a multiple choice math test for my daughter the other day.
My technique was quick and dirty:
four buttons, one or more randomly has the correct answer
if she clicks the wrong button the "wrong" score increases and the wrong button vanishes.

if she clicks the right answer then it is revealed in a field, the right score increases, and the continue button is presented for access to the next question.

You wouldn't want something so obvious for post secondary.
Instead you would have radio buttons, and the score would be tabulated after a final "Finish" or "next" button is pressed.

You would probably want to build an array, the data of each key would be single line items for:
Score Value
Correct Answer
wrong answer 1
wrong answer 2
humorous trick answer

When the card, or stack is loaded you would retrieve a key of the array (for the page of the test for instance),
put the question into a field, maybe show the score value or not in another field.

Then randomize which button gets labeled with which line of answers.
So it is not predictable, and harder to cheat with a crib sheet of numbers or dots

When the "next" or "Finish" button is pressed then poll through
all the questions, if a button with the wrong answer is hilited then move to the next question, if the correct button
is hilited then add the value to the finalscore property/variable.

I believe your radio buttons should be in a group that has its "radioBehavior" set to to true so that only one answer can be picked in a set.

Does this help any? Should I post the stack created by a six year old?

For drag and drop do this, it generally works, in any object.

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on MouseDown
set the lastClick of me to the mouseloc --xy of the mouse
send dragme to me in 300 milliseconds
end MouseDown

on dragMe
if the mouseloc <> the lastclick of me and the mouseloc is within the rect of me then set the loc of me to the mouseloc

if the mouse is down then send dragme to me in 300 milliseconds
else dropMe
end dragMe

on dropMe
put the loc of me -- -- location of the object goes to the message box just to see it work
-- here you could do all sorts of checking to see where the object landed and act on that
end dropMe
mouseDown is a rev command, dragme, and dropme are handlers I made up on the fly.
There may be better ways to do this but this is whats worked for me quickly any time I need to do it.

You could also :

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popup fld "somefield" at the mouseloc
send dragme to fld "somefield"
to make it appear the user picked up some data from text
and have the dragme and dropme scripts inside that object.

Try this stuff out, it should get you on the path.

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Post by mblackman » Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:35 am

There are various tutorials available in the documentation under getting started, maybe not specifically on this topic though.

The easiest way to do a multi-choice I suppose is to use a drop down menu (officially 'option menu button') for each question. Use a label field to show the question and a drop down menu under it with the answer choices. Or use a 'scrolling list field' which is a field where you can hilite one line at a time.

There could be a 'submit' button at the end which creates a text file listing the answers chosen to send to you. Using option menus, the following script in a button called "Submit" will gather the chosen answer numbers, one per line:

on mouseUp
put the number of controls on this stack into n
repeat with CtrlNum = 1 to n
get the name of control CtrlNum
if word 1 of it is "Button" and word 2 of it <> quote&"Submit"&quote then \
put the menuhistory of control CtrlNum & return after answerlist
end repeat
delete char -1 of answerlist --(final return)
answer answerlist --or do other work with this result
end mouseUp

Another option - you could set a 'custom property' for each button which lists the correct answer number - use the property inspector & go to custom properties and create one called 'correctanswer' for each option menu and give it a value corresponding to the correct line. Then in the repeat loop above instead of creating a list of answers you could check whether 'the menuhistory of control ctrlNum = the correctanswer of control ctrlNum' - this method may be prone to students snooping if they do the test within revolution of course :)

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Post by calvi » Tue Feb 20, 2007 6:42 am

Thanks for the replies...will try some of these ideas.
Bill said: "Should I post the stack created by a six year old? ".
Perhaps you could advise the consulting fee of your six year looks like I could use the help!

Also I have found in documentatio/getting started/sample projects a Multichoice Questionnaire example.

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Post by Bill » Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:09 am

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Re: questions/exams/assessments

Post by richmond62 » Fri May 24, 2024 2:20 pm

A 17 year gap seems odd.

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