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Re: Reactor Lab

Post by FourthWorld » Wed Oct 05, 2022 10:45 pm

Thanks for including this one. Richard Herz has done some great work demonstrating how easy it was to share courseware and simulations over the web with a dedicated LiveCode app. He did a presentation on ReactorLab at one of our early SoCal LiveCode meetups (back when it was Revolution), and he's a smart and enjoyable instructor.

Where he's gone with ReactorLab in recent years opens up a question that may be worth considering.

Check out the most recent incarnation of ReactorLab: ... avascript/

He codes in JavaScript these days.

Remember when HyperCard had an option control at the top of the scripting window that let you choose among different scripting languages?


At the time only HyperTalk and AppleScript were supported, but part of the vision of Apple's Open Scripting Architecture was to support many more.

What could happen if LC provided a choice of coding in either LC Script or JavaScript?
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Re: Reactor Lab

Post by richmond62 » Thu Oct 06, 2022 7:59 am

What could happen if LC provided a choice of coding in either LC Script or JavaScript?
Well, let's have a think . . .

1. It might be taken up by JavaScript programmers as an IDE for, err, JavaScript.

2. It might allow programmers to leverage the areas where JavaScript is strong as well as the areas where LiveCode is strong.

I cannot see any obvious negative points about that at all.

Might be even groovier if it provided the choice of LC Script, JavaScript, or Python.

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