(Random) Teleport Script

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(Random) Teleport Script

Post by Jarf01 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:05 am

Hello guys im bringing you a teleport Scripttoday, you should use it on the cards or the stack , So lets go To What we want and im going to explain somethings, if you have any doubt about this script then contact me.

First We need a Character img. Button Or Whatever grpahic Etc.
.- Set the comand teleport
.-Define a local Variable
.- Why for? Because there are Four directions on a livecode card Top Bottom South and Right
.- Set the if , the basic script is in there
.- Repeat for al cases , Whit the relative you want the millisecs sec or ticks with img btn graphics etc

Code: Select all

Local Variable
Put Random(4) into variable
If variable = 1 Then
Hide (img , btn , grc ) 
Move ( img , btn . grc ) relative X , X in X Sec/millisec/ticks
End if
Show (img , Btn , grc )
An easy Script That works great on a rpg game!

Have a nice Day! Thanks for Reading!
Note : Is only random for now , later illdo a set-able Teleport script

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