Just need some direction as to where to start.

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Just need some direction as to where to start.

Post by DavJans » Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:59 pm

Thank you all in advance for helping me get some direction as to where to start. What my idea is may be way over my head at this point but maybe it will be simpler than I think.

I'm thinking a retro world view like an NES top down RPG, where basically it is a grid of squares. I'm thinking each square or terrain can be stored in a database so that it can be changed at any time by the player and the map could be ever growing.
I'm hoping this would allow me to cut down on how much would need to be loaded while starting the app because you would only need to load the squares in the particular area that you are standing at.

Also I want the player character to be permanently stuck in the middle of the screen and have the map move instead of the player. As the map moves around the character I would need to quarry for more map squares.

I'm fairly certain I can fetch the data from a server about the terrain, however I have no clue as to where to start implementing a grid map that moves.

Thank you again.
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