My game losing quality android device

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My game losing quality android device

Post by yan » Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:09 am

Hello, fellow greetings. I'm trying to do a test, it is a platform game where I have a character running across my world, Windows works perfect but when run on a android device my application loses quality completely, everything looks slow and very little softness in the movement, I'm going crazy and I just want not rule LiveCode for creating video games. could someone help me and tell me I'm doing wrong? they were greatly appreciate a greeting from Colombia and forgive me for google translate.

Annex my project with the example I'm creating.
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Re: My game losing quality android device

Post by faber3d » Tue Sep 06, 2022 4:56 am

Regards Yan, To this day when running more than two processes at the same time (idle, mainLoop) the system gets overloaded as Livecode doesn't exactly have an efficient game engine, at least for now, which causes the game slowdown. game on mobile devices... What I recommend is to structure and plan very well how the game is going to work so that the code executes the animations in sequential processes as we progress through the game so as not to saturate the team and for everything to flow smoothly. steadily and without pauses.

Likewise, if we think of a mobile game and we are going to use Livecode, we must make it as simple as possible without neglecting its creativity and novelty. Let us remember that on the official pages we have reference games that work very well on mobile devices such as: Flappy bird, Galaxy Attack, Alien Shooter, Space invader, Puzzles, Mini Car, Dinosaur Game, Sheepherder (sheep), Galactic Gauntlet (ship) etc. . ...

Saludos Yan, Hasta hoy día cuando se ejecutan mas de dos procesos al tiempo (on idle, on mainLoop) se sobrecarga el sistema ya que Livecode no tiene precisamente un motor de juegos eficiente, al menos por ahora, lo que causa que se rentelice el juego en los dispositivos móviles...Lo que recomiendo es estructurar y planear muy bien como va a funcionar el juego para que el código ejecute las animaciones en procesos secuenciales a medida que avanzamos en el juego con tal de no saturar el equipo y que todo fluya constante y sin pausas.

Igualmente si pensamos en un juego para móviles y vamos a usar Livecode debemos hacerlo lo mas sencillo posible sin dejar de lado la creatividad y la novedad del mismo. Recordemos que en las paginas oficiales tenemos juegos de referencia que funcionan bien en dispositivos moviles como son: Flappy bird, Galaxy Attack, Alien Shooter, Space invader, Puzzles, Mini Car, Dinosaur Game, Sheepherder (ovejas), Gauntlet Galáctico (nave) etc...
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Re: My game losing quality android device

Post by stam » Tue Sep 06, 2022 8:18 am

The OP posted this 7 years ago and with seemingly no follow up…
And I imagine the issue was probably with underpowered Android devices 7 years ago as it ran apparently fine on Windows… might well be a different story today now phones are insanely powerful computers in their own right…

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