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Re: Baby stuff

Post by richmond62 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:11 pm

Most teachers resisted teaching anything other than their own pet language.
There is some truth in that.

BUT . . .

I was brought up ('raised' as they say in th USA) with dogs; and as such, was, if a 'pet person' at all, a 'dog person.'


My older son, being a fairly subversive type (I inherited that tendency from him), started bringing home dumped kittens . . .

The number of dumped kittens that subsequently died in our kitchen was high . . .

So, now I'm on my 4th cat.

If LiveCode is:

1. Suitably packaged: and looking at stuff like this:

MOST school teachers (in Britain at least) live in a cotton-wrapped, dumbing-down fantasy land.

2. Rammed in people's face each and every day so much that they get so sick to deathof it that they cave in and have a look.

They might get over their, frankly from a pedagogical point of view, obsession with C++, C#, Python and "Scratch-n-Sniff."

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