BUG? AppleScript do script in standalone broken?

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Re: BUG? AppleScript do script in standalone broken?

Post by PaulDaMacMan » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:29 am

Well the problem I was having was a bug but has since been determined to be the new default behavior by the LC team, it's been changed to a feature request to add a checkbox to the standalone settings to include the Applescript dictionary or not (though you can already supply a custom .plist file and include other files in LC 9's standalone settings).
That's all completely unrelated to ekami's problem. That, I think, is probably something to do with the way the engine loads at "on startup" and so the work around seems to be add a delay to make sure everything is loaded before trying to execute AppleScript. You could try moving the AppleSCript into the card script and see how that is. Another option is to use the shell() function along with osascript cli to run AppleScripts, which opens up a few more tricks (like on-the-fly compiling standalone AS applets).

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Re: BUG? AppleScript do script in standalone broken?

Post by bogs » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:33 am

Sorry for the vagueness Paul, I edited my last post for clarity, I wasn't referring to your initial post.

I am also pretty sure you are completely right in your statements in regard to the startup script requiring either delay or relocation or going to the shell or, as Brian pointed out, just directing it to another handler, any and all of which appear to work out as workarounds.

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