How experimental is OS X 64-Bit mode?

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How experimental is OS X 64-Bit mode?

Post by Tiemo » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:14 pm


working with LC 8.1.1 I would like to prepare my programs for the next future as long as possible. I wouldn't like to produce a new 64 Bit standalone for all of my programs in a year, if in a year Apple makes 64 Bit mandatory.

Since some versions I could create an OS X 64-Bit Mode standalone, but still in 8.1.1 it says it is experimental.

What does it mean exactly? Is it experimental, because the last 1% of functions are not fully tested and I could use it safely, if I would have tested it with my current program, or are there any general pitfalls, for that I shouldn't use it?

Any experiences? Any recommendations?



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