Mac standalone download damaged

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Re: Mac standalone download damaged

Post by bd525 » Fri Mar 18, 2022 10:36 pm

jacque wrote:
Fri Mar 18, 2022 8:42 pm
The "developer cannot be verified" is specifically a code-signing issue. Gatekeeper throws that error if the app has not been notarized. Was the one that does work created in a previous version of Mac OS? Older apps are grandfathered in.
Both apps were created on the same Mac in the same OS, 10.14.6.

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Re: Mac standalone download damaged

Post by rfarnold47 » Thu Jun 20, 2024 12:04 am

This is a somewhat old thread but I have recently encountered this issue and thought I would contribute what I learned. As I developed an app, I tested sending the app to myself via download (iCloud and WeTransfer). MacOS, Intel standalone.

The resulting download was always damaged unless I first placed the app in a folder and then zipped the folder and then uploaded that zipped folder to the download site.

That seemed to work, allowing the app to open, but it would not run properly unless it was then moved out of the enclosing folder (to any other location). It opened/started fine but couldn't save a prefs file to its "resources" location that it needed to run. The folder path in the App bundle inside the folder it wass zipped in was not standard/normal with a lot of "private" and numbers in the path... move the app out of that folder and all good.

So, all good but then with further development of the app and further download testing the problem (damaged, can't be opened) returned!

I traced back through previous versions and discovered that the problem occurred after I deleted an imported graphic (image as control) from the mainstack. All versions after that graphic was deleted produced a damaged download. (note that the later version standalone apps would run fine on my host system, even after zipping and unzipping on my host system).

I solved my problem by leaving that graphic in the stack but hiding it and then subsequent versions downloaded fine (except for the unknown developer or downloaded from the internet issue, resolved by control-clicking and opening).

It seems that some changes to a stack/app have some impact on a standalone that causes a problem with the standalone is downloaded. Strange, no?

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Re: Mac standalone download damaged

Post by FourthWorld » Thu Jun 20, 2024 4:01 am

Quite strange. It would be interesting to know if a new stack with that image in it reproduces the issue.
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