Download Runrev for OS9?

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Re: Download Runrev for OS9?

Post by richmond62 » Tue Aug 29, 2023 5:25 pm

I recently found in the 'Richmond Collection' [meaning another box of old crap] 3 CDs, and will open them up on the Debian laptop (which, for its sins, actually has a CD-drive) and see what's what:
Oh, Blast: forgot that Linux will only see the 'last' bit of a multi-session DC burnt on a Mac: so just connected up the G4 Mac Mini [do not have space to keep 5 home Macs connected and keyboarded all at once] . . .

Aha: RunRev 2.0 for macOS 9: ... jktz0&dl=0

RunRev 2.0 for macOS X [assume PPC]: ... 6m9vo&dl=0

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