Big Sur?

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Re: Big Sur?

Post by SparkOut » Fri Apr 16, 2021 1:15 pm

jacque wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:24 pm
... the FM initiative because it's fixed a lot of problems with LC Android builds...
Very interesting. I am very happy that this should be the case, but I am really curious as to how work on the FM initiative has resulted in Android fixes. The "bigger picture" view would be great to see, we only get specific BZ refs in the release notes. (I'm not being sceptical, just very curious - it would be great to see a list of some fixes or features for Android that would remain unavailable but for FM development. )

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Re: Big Sur?

Post by jacque » Fri Apr 16, 2021 6:59 pm

Well, I'm not sure they'd be unavailable except for FMP but their execution was accelerated because of it. I honestly can't remember all the fixes that have been steadily rolling in, but in general Android used to get less attention than iOS. Now they have become equal partners. Most of what I was happy to see were improvements to screen redraws, especially when using fullscreenMode where there were several issues, and also the implementation of appropriate mouse messages when using native scrollers. There was also a workaround fix for the inability to set a native scroller position to anything other than zero. I've seen improvements to Android performance in general, but I couldn't tell you the bug report numbers.
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