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how to activate another stack or exe

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:04 pm
by sphere
Hello, i've found some issues when using this script (see in an already good working windows stack.

The thing is the stack i already have sends a simple text file to a database, then the Android app. reads this text when opening the card were it should be read.
This is all working perfectly.
Now i finnaly managed to receive the gcm push notification and the app on android opens when pushing on the notification. Great!

I wanted to combine the windows stack with the gcm sending notification. But....when i insert the gcm script (which is also working correct on itself) in the windows stack then...
the windows stack is not able to send anything to the database. And i don't know why.
Then i tried to put the gcm on another card. But the same happens. Next i tried to put it on a sub stack. Same issue.
So there is something biting each other when working together.

Now next option is to open this gcm send part after the text has succesfully send to the database, and open it as an livecode stack or be executed as an exe. Whatever works.
So it seems it must not be in the windows stack on any way.

How to do this? I thought having seen a lesson about it how to open another stack, but i can not find it.

thanks for any help on this.