Deploy HTML5 App with Ajax to Windows

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Deploy HTML5 App with Ajax to Windows

Post by Troy » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:11 pm

I have an HTML5 web application which heavily uses ajax requests - no server-side code, just ajax. Now, I need to package the whole thing to a USB stick.

On OSX, this isn't a problem... In Livecode, I bundle the site, and the embeddable webkit browser, tie them together, and I have a double-clickable app that runs the site.

Creating the app for iBooks, incidentally, was even easier. No wrapper required, just embed the site and publish.

On Windows, this process hasn't gone so well. Cross-domain policies prevent the ajax calls from happening at all.

So... I embedded a modified version of Andre Garcia's "RevOnRockets", to satisfy the server requirements. This works perfectly in the LiveCode environment... the embedded IE accepts RevOnRockets as a server, and it all runs nicely. In fact, while it is running in LiveCode, I can open any browser on my Windows system, connect to it, and it also works from there.

However, when I build the Windows app, it never opens the socket, never displays the embedded browser, and Windows appears to "clamp down" the app. That last part is a guess, but I'm supposing I'm hitting other Windows permissions errors that I don't understand.

So, I've "resolved" one problem but created another.

I appreciate any pointers in how to straighten this out. Thanks!

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Re: Deploy HTML5 App with Ajax to Windows

Post by MaxV » Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:49 pm

Did you try revopenbrowserCEF()?
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