MP3 does not play in windows

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Joe Kot
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MP3 does not play in windows

Post by Joe Kot » Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:50 am

I'm building an app for android. The mp3 plays fine on the android device but on my windows development computer I just get static. Playing the mp3 directly in windows (not from livecode) works fine too. below is the code
if the environment is "mobile" then
play (specialfolderpath("engine") & "/sounds_sylable/"&lee&".mp3") -- works ok on android
play "C:\LiveCodeProgramming_PictureWord\sounds_sylable\"&lee&".mp3" -- just plays static
end if

Same problem in livecode 6.5 through 7.0

Thanks - Joe

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Re: MP3 does not play in windows

Post by Klaus » Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:14 pm

Hi Joe,

well, Livecode is still VERY picky on the desktop with "play AC xyz" or "play vc xyz"!

Hint: The correct syntax for the desktop is "play AC xyz" for audio clips and "play VC xyz" for video clips.
ac = abbreviation for audioclip
vc = abbr. for videoclip

Only a very small amount of file formats are supported with the PLAY command
on the desktop and MP3 is NOT in this list!

Only uncompressed AIF and WAV files and the compressed AU format are supported for sounds.

You will need to use a PLAYER object on the desktop, which currently still requires QuickTime to
be installed on the target machine!



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