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Re: Docset Reader now on LiveCode Share

Post by bogs » Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:02 pm

Just ran a series of tests for the last 4 hours, 17 different 'nix distros. Downloading the program outside of the IDE is (so far) definitely the way to go, 17 of 17 times it opened correctly.

Edit - when it works out like that, it works great, btw :wink: The standalone stays where ever you had it in the IDE, so if you make a SA of it, have it at the starting page and sized/orientated as you wish.

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*Edit - apparently doesn't xfer from one nix to another though. Moved the built folder to another distro, it did not open. May take a while to track down why, may not necessarily be the program.

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Re: Docset Reader now on LiveCode Share

Post by jameshale » Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:14 pm

ok, V5 is now up.

On first opening it should take you to a setup page.
If not there is an icon to click on (gears) that will take you there.
On this page you can set the size of the stack.
In particular if building a standalone for mobile, you can set up the rough size.
This is important if you want to pre-set the font sizes for either orientation.
Remember the font size only applies to the lists if they are the only things showing. If a doc is showing ithey will apply to it.
I have also moved the controls to the top of the screen (unless there is only the lists showing.)
Hopefully I have gotten all the bugs out of resizing/re-orienting - please let me know if I haven't.
The last one I quashed apparently made the stack disappear as it set its size to 1 x 1 pixel.

There are no mobile commands in the script yet, so none of the things required to optimise for mobile or change the orientation are there yet.

Please have a play and get back to me with bugs or suggestions.

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Re: Docset Reader now on LiveCode Share

Post by bogs » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:37 pm

I really like the direction this went in. I had a "play with it", produced a big budget film documentary (not really), and sent you a pm with a link to it :twisted:

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